Slides of some of the 2014 conferences

First release of INS14 slides (thanks again to the speakers)


Deploying cyberdefense measures and Policies in a Critical Infrastructure Sector, Sébastien Bombal : sebastien-bombal-v3.3

Lurking in clouds: easy hacks for complex apps , Nicolas Gregoire : Easy_hacks_for_complex_apps-INS14

When you can’t afford 0days.Client-side exploitation for the masses Michele Orru, Krzysztof Kotowicz when_you_dont_have_0days-Kotowicz-Antisnatchor-InsomniHack2014

JSMVCOMFG? To sternly look at JavaScript MVC and Templating Frameworks , Mario Heiderich jsmvcomfg

Dalvik Executable (DEX) Tricks Axelle Apvrille hidex-insomni

Enjeux juridico-organisationnels et Contractuels du Cloud computing , Nicolas Rosenthal 20140321_INSOMNI’HACK_Cloud_Computing_Nicolas_Rosenthal_v01

RFIDler , Adam Laurie RFIDler-insomni

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